Minor improvement for Solana top holders scan

Jan 30, 2024 3:29 AM

First of all: default pricemode needs to be advanced (this is default) or you need to use /x or .x for the holder scan to execute. This happens in real time on every scan.

Example top holder line looks like this:

👥 TH: 16.4 | 4.6 | 3.3 | 2.9 | 2.4 [39%]

It shows the TOP 5 holders including the pool (e.g. Raydium), followed by the total percentage for the TOP 10.

If TH line does NOT show, the token has too many holders and it hit my time out, I still want Rick to respond fast. You can use RUG or Solscan or another bot to get a deeper look into the top holders in this case.