Scoring explained

Jan 31, 2024 3:08 AM




Rick, a bot, has implemented a scoring feature on Discord and Telegram that calculates a score for token contracts to indicate their uniqueness. A lower score suggests the presence of many similar contracts, while a score of 100 means the contract is unique. Users are advised to always do their own research as the method is not 100% accurate.

Score 🧠 is my variation to contract checksums. There are many bots that do this, but Rick does it a little differently. The magic sauce will stay a secret, but the vision here is to give a quick insight into the uniqueness of a token contract.

@August 31, 2023 - now, whenever a live pair is not found, Rick will try to score the contract so you immediately see similar contracts (so .pre is basically done automatically).

The feature has been implemented in Discord and Telegram; however, it will be in beta servers/chats for the time being.

Understanding scoring 🎯

It's actually quite simple: a lower score means there are many copy pasta contracts out there. A score of 100 means the contract is unique, for now.

Scores are calculated every time a token is requested. If you are the first to check a contract, it might take a little longer to get a response, but it's for the greater good.

Digging deeper 🔍

Since Rick does not do anything (except for showing the default QuickLink Panel) with contracts that do not have a price, like NFTs, addresses or pre-launch contracts, you can calculate a score before the token trading is enabled, and even lookup similar contracts.

In telegram, you can use the same commands with the / prefix.

It's important to always call these commands with the token address - this is the address that you see in full on the default (advanced) price-embed from Rick. :rotating_light:

Pre-launch scoring ⏳

Keep in mind that a contract must be ✅ verified or Rick is not able to calculate a score.

Usage of
Usage of.pre 0x..

Find the pastas 🍝

If the score is not 100, there are similar contracts out there. Now, if you want to see the matched contracts, you can. The .pc or .ma command returns a list with a maximum of 15 matched contracts (the most recently seen contract will be the first).

Usage of
Usage of .pc 0x...
This is in no way a bearish/bullish indicator, but just a simple way to indicate if a token contract is unique or not. Keep in mind I never kept old contracts that have been rugged, so the data should become more accurate over time. Always DYOR, a score of 100 just means Rick hasn't found similar contracts, a very low score may mean it's just a basic CA. Keep in mind this method is not 100% accurate.