General FAQ

Jan 14, 2024 11:32 AM


This is the generic FAQ article. For now this is unsorted, as more FAQ items will be added, the topic will be split or organised differently.

How does the BurpBoard leaderboard work?

Rick tracks every token that gets shared and will remember the lowest FDV at the time of the check.

In the leaderboard feeds (scroll down on how to add), Rick will post the performance of the tracked tokens across all servers.

  • Every hour: Top tokens tracked in the last 24H
  • Every morning/evening: Top tokens tracked in the last 7D
  • Every monday: Top tokens tracked in the last 31D

Lines explained

🥇 | TOKEN NAME @ Lowest FDV Shared ➜ Current FDV Δ DELTA

How to add BurpBoard to your server?

  1. Create a read-only channel in your server.
  2. Join Alpha Pack
  3. Click "Follow" in the 🏆・burpboard channel.
  4. Select your server and the channel.
  5. Updates are automatically posted to your channel.

Total holders (TH) line explained

What do the abbreviations for the Holder Analysis line TH.. mean?

  1. TH = Total Holders analyzed
  2. F = # of wallets failed to simulate sell
  3. SIPH = # of siphoned wallets (tokens drained without user interaction)
  4. AT = Average Tax in % (aka average roundtrip)
  5. GAS = Average Gas
  6. HT = Highest Taxed Wallet
  7. HTW = High-taxed wallets (> 50%)

This info is documented in the official honeypot.is docs, an actual overview of warning flags can be found here.

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Skull meaning

The ☠️ emoji shows for renounced contracts on ETH contracts.

Fire emoji meaning

The 🔥 emoji shows if the token you're checking is currently at it's ATH.

Using Rick alongside other bots

I understand that you might want use some features of Rick, and prefer another price bot. Rick can be in your server/chat with any other bot. There are multiple solutions available:

  1. Create a seperate channel for Rick or the other bot(s) - only allow the bot to read/send in this channel.
  2. Change the preference for Rick's behavior on contracts: /noresultmode off stops Rick from replying to contracts that have no active pairs.
  3. /pricemode off stops rick from responding to contracts. This way, Rick will still keep track of your watchlists and you still participate in the leaderboards.

Keep in mind that Rick is designed to be in every public channel. As a server admin, it's advised to set some rules about command/AI usage.

Score Matches 🧬

The 🧬 emoji is used along with scoring. If the score is not 100 it means there are matches, the most recent 5 matches are shown next to this emoji. Read more about :brain: scoring.