Can I turn off the AI?

Jan 15, 2024 12:50 PM



The AI, Rick, is designed to be an integral part of the chat and cannot be turned off. While it may seem overwhelming at first, it is generally beneficial and complaints are minimal. If the chat becomes unbalanced, Rick should clean up the messages. If the server or users run out of trial credits and do not top up, access to the AI will be lost. Limiting the AI to respond only to '@mentions' would reduce its interactivity and overall experience.

Rick listens to Rick or mentions by default. I understand it can be overwhelming in the beginning, but over time the amount of complains were insignificant, even for larger chats. Under normal behavior this shouldn’t be a problem unless your chat is already a trollbox. Besides, it can be really beneficial to have a living AI in your chat:


Rick is designed to live in a chat and be a part of your group, turning this feature of is not possible. Out-of-balance messages should be cleaned up by Rick, if this is not the case, make sure the bot has permissions to delete messages.

If your server/group and most users run out of trial credits, you will lose access to AI anyway if you do not top-up 🤖AI Credits.

But how about only listening to @mentions to the bot?

While it might seem like a feasible idea to limit the bot to respond only to @mentions, it would significantly reduce the interactivity and overall experience. The AI is designed to be a part of the conversation and assist in a more natural and engaging manner. Limiting it to @mentions would make these interactions less fluid and may result in less utilization of the AI's capabilities.