Tips & Tricks for Rick on Discord

Feb 6, 2024 9:38 AM



This document provides tips and tricks for using Discord, specifically for a bot named Rick. It includes instructions on using shortcuts, trusting domains for faster link opening, and setting up specific browser settings for MacOS, Chrome, and iOS. It also mentions that some links may direct to a Telegram bot and explains how to handle this.

This topic explains how to use Rick’s shortcuts as fast as possible, they look like this:

Some shortcuts are hardcoded for Ethereum. This is because we can not always detect a chain (especially on pre-launch contracts or addresses). However the most popular chains have a custom linkset now. More: 🧭Shortcuts for Rick explained

General settings

The first time you open a URL in Discord, always “Trust This Domain” for the links you trust, this is essential to open the links/TG bots like Maestro as fast as possible. Any link used in Rick can be trusted, they are widely used tools you probably already know.


Some links direct to a Telegram bot, however depending on your device/OS/browser the behaviour might be different. So I’ll explain briefly what my settings currently are. I use the shortcuts PRO or APE (which opens Maestro bot) as examples below, because these are usually the most time sensitive.

MacOS / Chrome

  • Chrome might prompt you the first time, with something like “Always open Telegram for links like this” - you want to enable that, so the next time you click APE, Telegram will open instantly.
  • When you click APE (or any other) link on a Rick message, it should bring you to a t.me link in your browser, and that should open Telegram automatically, all you need to do then is click start in the Telegram bot:
  • image


  • In Discord, go to Settings > Web Browser > set to Safari
  • Also make sure to click the small “trust domain” prompt if you open a link in Discord
  • No need to click Start in TG, it will automatically send /start. This is the fastest you can get.

on Android

… no Android here so I do not know its behaviour, lmk if there are tips here to add.