One-click save to Notion - OP!

One-click save to Notion - OP!

  1. Install the Save to Notion Extension, make an account, connect with Notion.
    1. Don’t forget to PIN the extension in your browser.
  2. As an example, we will try adding the page below to notion.
    1. The reason we go through the hassle of setting this all up, is because it also adds a screenshot the moment u click it and scrapes the content from the page, and adds it right into the entry. Now the AI can summarise it for us 🧠
  3. Visit the page below and click Add New Form
  4. image
  5. Select the right database () for our
  6. image
  7. Now we will setup a template to match the DB structure (very important!)
  8. 💡
    Later, you can set up your own private database and use the exact same flow for your personal stuff. Feel free to duplicate my personal template:
    Save to Notion DB [template]
    Save to Notion DB [template]
    (alt link)
  9. Match the exact same config as below, you should add some new fields, all are selectable (they are fetched from the database). Also note:
    1. Select purple “game” 👾  icon to match our space icon (harder to mess up personal and private usage of the extension)
    2. Click each of the fields marked in red to hide them, then click “Hide 5 fields”, and Save & Go Back.
    3. image
  10. You should see something like this - here you can review (or edit, but you can always do that later) the data that is scraped from the page you want to save.
    1. If you only want to save a specific part, you can do that by clicking “Select on page” under “Content” - by default the full page contents are scraped.
    2. 🚨
      Be very cautious with the auto-screenshot feature and private data (especially when saving to , in 99% of the times the pages we save are random things on the web so it shouldn’t be a problem, but be aware!
    3. Same for the image, we set it up to take a screenshot of the part you’re looking at (this is the point where you decided it was worth to save) - very useful to take a quick snapshot of what’s on your screen. But you can still edit it, remove it or capture a custom part.
    4. image
  11. Done, click Save Page - you can view the entry right after (or later) .
    1. Keep in mind that you just added a real entry in our so don’t forget to delete it.
    2. image

Notion is faster in the desktop app (not that it’s slow, but it has better caching of the content vs using Notion in your browser).

Mobile saving

Probably best using the official plugin - it’s doesn’t scrape and add entries as detailed as Save to Notion, so try to only save to if needed and use a seperate DB (you can auto generate these from the Web Clipper app if it doesn’t detect a supported database).

Trying some AI stuff here

  1. Install the Save to Notion Extension and connect it to your Notion account.
  2. Visit the desired webpage and use the extension to scrape its contents and take a screenshot.
  3. Choose the appropriate database for the scraped content.
  4. Set up a template to match the database structure.
  5. Review and edit the scraped data as necessary.
  6. Click "Save Page" to add the content to Notion.