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Arc Browser

AI Title
A Calmer, More Personal Internet Experience: Arc Browser
Arc Browser is a personalized internet browser designed to create a calm and focused browsing experience, offering features such as Spaces, Profiles, Split View, and enhanced privacy.
Key points
- Calmer, more personal internet experience - Let go of clicks, clutter, distractions - Anticipates your needs - Clean and calm browsing experience - Spaces and Profiles for organizing online activities - Split View, Themes, and more for customization - Built for privacy and security - Arc Max - Browse the web with AI
Arc Browser is like having a special tool to explore the internet. It helps you have a calm and organized online experience, like having different rooms for different things you do. It also keeps your information private and safe, like a secret treasure box. With Arc Browser, you can have fun and explore the internet your own way!

A browser that doesn’t just meet your needs — it anticipates them.

Clean and calm, Arc shapes itself to how you use the internet.

Space for the different sides of you.

Effortlessly organize everything you do online — work, study, hobbies — all in one window with Spaces and Profiles.

Your browser, your way.

Find your perfect setup with Split View, Themes, and more.

The comfort of privacy.

Arc is built from the ground up to be private and secure. We don’t know what sites you visit or what you search for.